A Place for Free Thinkers...
800 Pound GorillaWe're just a group of Nerds looking to have fun and make a little money !
If you're like us and looking for a place to call home, then feel free to join !

  • Unhappy with your current hosting arrangements?
  • Looking for more freedom to do as you please?
  • Do you have special requirements that work outside the box?
  • Looking for a specialized database, or want to build your own?
  • We offer Unix Shell Accounts, FTP Access and Unix Servers !

We still believe in the true meaning of the Internet
We offer an environment where you can do as you please

We offer a shared hosting environment... like it was back in 1990
Indeed, we may have some rules, but not too many.....
We offer freedom for web masters who are tired of working inside the corporate box. 
We think outside the box and don't conform to the rules.
So give us a call and let's see how we can help each other!