Web Estate Brokerage and Domain Name Acquisitions

The Relationship of Web Estate and Real Estate:

Websites and Real Estate are each considered property holdings.
The first one is physical (or Real Property) whilst the second is Digital (Intellectual Property)
We like to refer to this difference as Virtual Real Estate and Physical Real Estate

Web Estate is Already Big Business!
While the Internet continues to see growth at an ever increasing, rapid rate, people continue to buy Web Estate (known as DOMAIN NAMES), in a similar manner to Real Estate.  Many years ago, those who owned Real Estate while it was cheep, are millionaires today.  Likewise, those who have acquired Web Estate, including Domain Names, Servers and Dedicated Fiber are well positioned for financial success in the very near future.  Web Estate is about to become the world's next big investment.

Get on board today and let us help you choose a domain that's right for you.  We've helped thousands of people around the world secure a web presence and now, we'de like to help you !

WebWorX Media is owned by Centrix Technology Group Inc., and acts as a Web Estate Broker through purchase and selling arrangements of buyers and sellers.